Who is Fourth Power?

From a young age, Asegun Henry — founder and CTO of Fourth Power — was concerned about the impacts of climate change. Bothered by the financial and environmental cost of fossil-fuel-derived electricity, he was determined to discover a sustainable solution to provide accessible and reliable carbon-free power. After conducting years of R&D in his labs at MIT and Georgia Tech, Henry achieved his breakthrough — and thus, sparked Fourth Power into existence.

Asegun connected with Arvin Ganesan, who has also worked on climate change mitigation his entire career with a focus on energy markets, regulation and utilities. Most recently, Arvin led global energy work at Apple, building and managing teams focused on renewable energy procurement around the world. Previously, he had been appointed by President Obama to lead regulatory development at the US EPA.

Arvin immediately understood how Fourth Power’s thermal battery could pass the crucial cost test that utilities and regulators around the world apply to new technologies and joined as CEO in 2023.

At our core, Fourth Power aspires to transform renewable energy into the most cost-effective and accessible source of power generation through thermal storage. More than a decade in the making, our utility-scale thermal battery technology can provide short- and long-duration energy storage (LDES) for renewables and then dispatch electricity to the grid in seconds to provide affordable, reliable, clean power.

Why “Fourth Power”?

Fourth Power holds scientific significance to the temperature, power, and conversion aspects foundational to our technology while also encompassing our mission to “go forth” in leading the clean energy transition.


The amount of light emitted by an object scales with the fourth power of its absolute temperature, and our technology capitalizes on this to reduce the size of our heat transfer infrastructure, operate at extremely high power density, and achieve low cost.


We complete the fourth power conversion in the series of energy processes that electrify our world. Nuclear fusion in the sun creates sunlight, which is converted to electricity on Earth. We convert this electricity to heat and store it before converting it back to electricity on demand.


Not only does Fourth Power capitalize on the exponent of temperature, but the name also signifies the electrical power we provide as a service to our customers.

Moving Forward

Fourth Power’s goal is to lead and enable the forward movement (i.e., moving forth) of the energy transition to renewables away from traditional fossil fuels.

Executive Team

Arvin Ganesan, CEO

Arvin became Fourth Power’s CEO in 2023 following a distinguished five-year tenure as the Head of Global Energy and Environmental Policy at Apple. He brings extensive expertise in energy markets, having held leadership positions with Advanced Energy Economy and the U.S. EPA, where he was appointed by President Barack Obama.

Asegun Henry, Ph.D., Founder & CTO

Asegun, founder and CTO of Fourth Power, has spent the past decade developing new industrial-scale energy technologies to mitigate climate change. An MIT professor and renowned expert in heat transfer and high-temperature energy systems, Ase’s research has led to multiple scientific breakthroughs that have redefined the limits of what’s possible.


Jason Hartlove

Jason is the Vice President of Augmented Reality Displays at Meta and has more than 30 years of management and company building experience as a serial entrepreneur. Earlier in his career, Jason served as the President and CEO of Nanosys, leading the company from lab-scale technology to selling 70M quantum dot displays.

Rachel Slaybaugh, Ph.D.

Rachel is a Partner at DCVC where she focuses on climate, sustain­ability, and energy investments. Before joining DCVC, Rachel was an Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Division Director at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She previously served as a Program Director at the Department of Energy’s ARPA‑E.

Phil Larochelle, Ph.D.

Phil is a Partner at BEV and comes to the table with extensive experience managing energy technology projects at Google X, where he was previously a Senior Technical Program Manager. He has also held positions with the Google Energy and Renewable Energy Investment Teams as well as at ARPA-E.


Derek Warnick, MBA

Co-Founder & CFO of Electric Hydrogen

Arun Majumdar, Ph.D.

Jay Precourt Provostial Chair Professor, Stanford University

Philip Dion, MBA, JD

SVP of Customer Solutions, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Steve Forrest, Ph.D.

Peter A Franken Distinguished University Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan

Gang Chen, Ph.D.

Carl Richard Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering, MIT

Ken Sandhage, Ph.D.

Reilly Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University